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MK11 Open Mic Night - August 10th 2021

Unfortunately as Casey is still having isolate, and through Scott giving his voice a break after 2 back-to-back gigs on Saturday, we couldn't perform as a group at MK11's weekly open mic night. However, Tommy still managed to grab some stage time, helping on guitar for Nerdvana's killer cover of Slipknot's Duality and later blasting his bass for a Slayer cover with Evan on drums and Rhys on guitar.

As always, some amazing talent was on display too, with a mesmerising set by Lillibet almost bringing the room to a standstill!

We can't wait to all get back playing and rehearsing together soon, and hopefully be able to make some appearances at other local events and open mic nights.

Lastly, we are also pleased to announce we will be returning to the Peel Juice bar on the 2nd October, performing as an acoustic 3 piece.

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